The Cambridge Companion to Ockham

The Cambridge Companion to Ockha 

نویسنده: پل وینستنت اسپید
ناشر: حکمت
زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
تعداد صفحه: 420
اندازه کتاب: وزیری سلفون - سال انتشار: 1999 - دوره چاپ: 1


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Each volume of this series of companions to major philosophers contains specially commissioned essays by an international team of scholars, together with a substantial bibliography, and will serve as a reference work for students and nonspecialists.One aim of the series is to dispel the intimidation such readers often feel when faced with the work of a difficult and chanllenging thinker.

The Franciscan William of Ockham was an English medieval philosopher, theologian, and political theorist. Ockham is important not only in the history of philosophy and theology, but also in the development of early modern science and of modern notions of property rights and church-state relations. This volume offers a full discussion of all significant aspects of Ockham's thought: logic, philosophy of language, metaphysics and natural philosophy, epistemology, ethics, action theory, political thought and theology. It is the first study of Ockham in any language to make full use of the new critical editions of his works, and to consider recent discoveries concerning his life, education, and influences.

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The Cambridge Companion to Ockham

  • ناشر: حکمت
  • کد کتاب: 96540 - 54/4
  • موجودی: در انبار
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