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When it comes to writing a text for non-music majors, Kamien knows the score. With the care you would expect from the concert pianist he is, Kamien introduces the musical elements and repertoire thoroughly and clearly, without assumptions of prior knowledge but also without condescension. As a teacher at Queens (NY) College, Kamien developed the concept of the Listening Outline, which he incorporated into the first edition of Music: An Appreciation and which he has refined and enhanced in every subsequent edition. This is a text with which students of all levels and backgrounds can feel comfortable

Roger Kamien received his B.A. in Musicology from Columbia and his M.A. and PhD. from Princeton. Kamien taught for 2 years at Hunter College and for 20 years at Queens College, where he coordinated the music appreciation courses. In 1983, he was appointed to the Zubin Mehta Chair in Musicology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition to Music: An Appreciation, Prof. Kamien has written numerous articles and reviews, co-wrote A New Approach to Keyboard Harmony, and edited the Norton Scores. He is an accomplished pianist and, in recent years, has formed a two-piano team with his wife, Anita. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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