Iran: Elements of Destiny also viewed

Iran: Elements of Destiny also viewed

نویسنده: رولف بنی
ناشر: McClelland & Stewart
زبان کتاب: English
تعداد صفحه: 391
اندازه کتاب: خشتی گالینگور پارچه ای قابدار - سال انتشار: 1356 - دوره چاپ: 1

کمیاب  - کیفیت : درحد نو


مروری بر کتاب 

عناصر سرنوشت ایران ؛ مصور رنگی - چاپ نفیس

کتاب نتیجه 16 سال مسافرت در سراسر ایران توسط عکاس مشهور روولوف بنی است. متون درج شده در کتاب توسط بزرگترین دانشمندان ایران شناس نوشته شده بطوری که این کتاب را به یکی از کامل ترین ، شکیل ترین و ارزنده ترین کتاب های مصور ایرانشناسی بدل کرده است ، تمامی تصویرها گلاسه و توضیحات کاغذ بسیار مرغوب رنگی است....

Published byMcClelland and Stewart Limited, Toronto, Canada, 1978. ALL OTHER COPIES OF THIS I CAN FIND ONLINE ARE HARDBACK WITH A DUST JACKET; I HAVE NOT SEEN A COPY LIKE THIS ONE WITH AN ILLUSTRATION PASTE-ON, ON BROWN CLOTH BOARDS WITH MATCHING BROWN SLIPCASE. I don't see anything within the book suggesting this is a limited edition, but I'll nonetheless call it a "Special Luxury Edition".457 color plates, 39 halftones and 26 line engravings. Brown cloth stamped in silver.

Editorial direction by Shahrokh Amirarjomand. Notes to plates by Mitchell Cities. 392 pages. 6 books in one: Earth; Air; Water; Fire; Society; Majesty. The result of Beny's 16 years of travel and research in Iran "to explore and evaluate the intricate visual aspects of Iran's technological developments."On Beny from Wikipedia: "Roloff Beny, OC (January 7, 1924 – March 16, 1984) was a Canadian photographer who spent the better part of his life in Rome and on his photographic travels throughout the world.

Born Wilfred Roy Beny in Medicine Hat, Alberta, he later took as his first name Roloff, his mother's maiden name....Beny was obsessed with the beauty of the world. He has been called "a poetic photographer" and he was a passionate aesthete. His photographic journeys were recorded in a series of large-scale volumes which appeared over the years

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Iran: Elements of Destiny also viewed

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