Flip Signs ; Art & Design

Flip Signs ; Art & Design

نویسنده : Michael Jenner
زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
تعداد صفحه: 144
اندازه کتاب: رحلی - سال انتشار: 2001 - دوره چاپ: 1


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مصور - رنگی - گلاسه


A look at the intriguing world of international street signage: figures, colour-coded geometries, and terse verbal instructions WALK, STOP, ONE WAY, NO EXIT. Employing the same technical virtuosity as "FlipDesigns", Michael Jenner flips, inverts and repeats details from street signage to create a bewildering world of conflicting information with a visual impact.

Anonymous figures take on an almost heroic aspect, mimicking Egyptian hieroglyphics or ancient Greek friezes; lines and arrows form compelling patterns; and monosyllabic commands acquire a verbal opacity laced with mystery and menace.

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Flip Signs ; Art & Design

  • ناشر: amazon
  • کد کتاب: 96085 - 76/2
  • موجودی: در انبار
  • 300,000ریال

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